What’s the best dating app out there? We have the answer! September 3, 2018

Now, I might spark some controversy with this article because I risk becoming captain obvious… but when it comes to the best sex app out there, I feel that there is one undisputed king of Free Dating Apps. If you’re trying to fuck? You can probably get laid within the hour. Trying to find a friend with benefits? Well this is the app for you. Looking for something a little more serious? You can also probably find that too!
In my eyes the best sex app out there isn’t nessiarily even a sex app… but it sure can be (I know from experience).
Don’t roll your eyes at me for saying this… but I firmly believe Tinder is the best sex app out there right now…
Okay. I know, I know. It’s controversial to say that. You probably already have Tinder downloaded on your phone. You probably clicked on this link hoping that I knew of some top-secret sex app for you to discover along with me. Alas, all I have for you is Tinder. But before you completely write this article off as a waste of time, let me pled my case. I promise I’m not crazy. There are several legit reasons why Tinder is actually the best app for getting laid (and no, the Super Like feature is not one of them)…
Here are a few reasons why I’m serious when I say Tinder is the best sex app out there!
1. Literally everyone has a Tinder
If someone tells you that they don’t have Tinder, they’re probably lying. Everyone loves Tinder, everyone has Tinder, and everyone wastes way too much time on Tinder.
Sure, there are other dating apps out there that cater strictly to an audience looking to get laid, but Tinder caters to everyone… and everyone wants to just get laid at some point.
Tinder allows you infinite opportunity to get laid because it allows you to match with a large amount of single (and some taken) people! Because… everyone has it!
2. Location based is everything
So, if you’re looking to get laid tonight Tinder definitely has you covered. With dating services you could match with horny people from all over the world, but sometimes it’s hard to restrict it to location. And people travel! So, you never know if they are where they say they are.
But with Tinder you now for sure.
3. Bumble’s “females message first” feature isn’t helping you get laid!
The key to getting laid fast and efficiently is to have options and to be aggressive with your first-texting. But if you’re a dude on Bumble, the app’s features are doing NO FAVORS.
4. It’s easy to use, easy to mass-match, thus easy to get laid
Again, the key to getting laid fast comes down to options. Tinder makes it easy to cast your net wide because you can swipe right on a thousand people in one setting!
5. It’s not going to get taken down anytime soon
A lot of sex apps get taken down almost instantaneously. But with Tinder, it’s a dating app! So it’s not going anywhere soon!

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Why Having Sex On The First Date Is A Good Thing July 10, 2015

You’re on your first date with them, and you’ve been having a great time together. Conversation was easy, there was never an awkward silence, and you found that you have many things in common.

You both laughed here and there and got to know each other pretty well for a first date; you might even think it was the best first date you’ve ever been on.

Clearly the two of you have a connection, and you see yourself going on a second date with them.

There’s a bit of sexual tension as well, but you don’t know if having sex on your first date would be such a good idea, even if they were down with it.

My suggestion is to just go for it, as long as they go along with it too. You might think that waiting would make it more special.

It could be, but if you end up dating each other and your sexual chemistry isn’t on the same level or greater than your chemistry away from bed, your relationship could encounter some issues.

Weeks, months could have gone by before you sleep with each other for the first time, and if you find that you’re not on the same page and don’t work well in bed together, you might have just wasted a lot of time.

Not that it couldn’t be worked out, which it certainly can; for instance, asking them what they like in bed or don’t like, and tell them what you like.

This can clear things up, but it still doesn’t mean you have sexual chemistry.

You might not realize it, but sexual chemistry is very important in a relationship. If you find yourself married and it’s twenty years down the road but you’re not being intimate with each other, your marriage could have some bumpy patches.

You need to be there for each other emotionally, which is very important, but having sex often as well will help your relationship stay as passionate as it was when you first met.

When you have sex with someone for the first time, you learn a lot about them. You get a glimpse into their mind, and into their soul.

If you go months before being intimate, and discover that you’re actually pretty different people, you just wasted some time that you could have spent with someone that you’re on the same page with sexually.

Having sex on the first date doesn’t make you a whore or a slut, or easy. You know what you want, and know how to get it ­ nothing wrong there.

People who don’t have sex on the first date aren’t prudes either; maybe they want to, but are either shy or not sure if their partner is ready yet. Maybe they aren’t.

We’re all different, and adjust to certain things differently. But next time you’re on a first date with someone and you sleep with them, there’s no reason for you to feel bad.

By having sex with them, you learned more about them and can make a more informed decision on whether to keep dating or not.

When you start dating, you try to learn as much as you can about the other person as you can so you can figure out if you’re compatible or if you like them enough to keep seeing them.

By not having sex on the first date, you could end up not knowing something about them that either makes you like them even more or something that would let you know that you should break things off.

If you don’t sleep together on the first date and break things off, you could have missed an opportunity to discover who they really are, and that could have changed your opinion of them drastically.

The next first date you have, consider what sleeping together might do for you. You can either find out you’re not great together or your hopeful thoughts could be reinforced if you have amazing sexual chemistry that you didn’t expect.

Give it a try; you never know what you might learn.


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