I’m Daniel! I am the owner of Extra Du Sexe. I live in New York City with my boyfriend Chris. We have two kittens named Sugar and Mango, who we absolutely adore! They are the cutest things ever, and I want to get 10 more.

I work at a public relations firm where we help publicize pretty much everything! I absolutely love my job and this crazy city! I couldn’t imagine living in any other place than New York. I am a city boy for sure! I grew up in a small town in Connecticut and moved to New York when I got out of high school because I needed to get out of that town. People are so much more welcoming in New York and it seemed like a way better fit for me.

Some things I like to do on my free time is going out for drinks, laying by the pool, and going dancing. I absolutely love to dance, so if you tell me you want to go hit the clubs, I’m down! I’m really happy you stumbled upon my blog, as I love to share my thoughts with the world! Hope you enjoy the rest of my website!