What’s the best dating app out there? We have the answer! September 3, 2018

Now, I might spark some controversy with this article because I risk becoming captain obvious… but when it comes to the best sex app out there, I feel that there is one undisputed king of Free Dating Apps. If you’re trying to fuck? You can probably get laid within the hour. Trying to find a friend with benefits? Well this is the app for you. Looking for something a little more serious? You can also probably find that too!
In my eyes the best sex app out there isn’t nessiarily even a sex app… but it sure can be (I know from experience).
Don’t roll your eyes at me for saying this… but I firmly believe Tinder is the best sex app out there right now…
Okay. I know, I know. It’s controversial to say that. You probably already have Tinder downloaded on your phone. You probably clicked on this link hoping that I knew of some top-secret sex app for you to discover along with me. Alas, all I have for you is Tinder. But before you completely write this article off as a waste of time, let me pled my case. I promise I’m not crazy. There are several legit reasons why Tinder is actually the best app for getting laid (and no, the Super Like feature is not one of them)…
Here are a few reasons why I’m serious when I say Tinder is the best sex app out there!
1. Literally everyone has a Tinder
If someone tells you that they don’t have Tinder, they’re probably lying. Everyone loves Tinder, everyone has Tinder, and everyone wastes way too much time on Tinder.
Sure, there are other dating apps out there that cater strictly to an audience looking to get laid, but Tinder caters to everyone… and everyone wants to just get laid at some point.
Tinder allows you infinite opportunity to get laid because it allows you to match with a large amount of single (and some taken) people! Because… everyone has it!
2. Location based is everything
So, if you’re looking to get laid tonight Tinder definitely has you covered. With dating services you could match with horny people from all over the world, but sometimes it’s hard to restrict it to location. And people travel! So, you never know if they are where they say they are.
But with Tinder you now for sure.
3. Bumble’s “females message first” feature isn’t helping you get laid!
The key to getting laid fast and efficiently is to have options and to be aggressive with your first-texting. But if you’re a dude on Bumble, the app’s features are doing NO FAVORS.
4. It’s easy to use, easy to mass-match, thus easy to get laid
Again, the key to getting laid fast comes down to options. Tinder makes it easy to cast your net wide because you can swipe right on a thousand people in one setting!
5. It’s not going to get taken down anytime soon
A lot of sex apps get taken down almost instantaneously. But with Tinder, it’s a dating app! So it’s not going anywhere soon!

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