Many people these days use apps like Tinder, Pure, and Down to find someone to hookup with. Not all are successful, and some find more than just a one night stand on these apps.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the three, I’ll explain them quickly. Tinder is a somewhat shallow version of a dating app, with limited profile information and many people use it to find people to sleep with, rather than a date.

Pure is an app purely (lol) for finding a person near you who wants to hookup, and only hookup. Down, on the other hand, (formerly Bang With Friends) allows you to anonymously show a desire to hook up with your Facebook friends.

There are other apps that you can use to find sex, but those are dating apps for the most part and most users want something more than just a hookup, so you’re best using one of the three apps listed above.

Since this is about actually chatting online in attempt to hookup with someone, I won’t discuss using Pure any further. Pure involves you posting your profile to users around you, and this post lasts an hour.

If someone is interested in having sex with you, they can like your profile and the post will be removed from the local feed once this is done. The app doesn’t really revolve around chatting other than setting up a place to meet, as both users are using the app just for sex, thus making it somewhat irrelevant here.

Down, on the other hand, is more like Tinder. The people that you’re shown are not based on location, but rather they are your Facebook friends.

When you see a profile, you can swipe up for a date, down for sex, or left for “nah”. The only thing is is that it shows you a ll of your friends of the opposite sex (if you indicate that you’re straight).

So whether or not they have the app, they’ll show up among the profiles. Let’s say you swipe down on a girl you know, and she has the app too. She swipes down on you as well, and you’re both notified that you have a match.

Well, there really isn’t much for me to tell you to say other than just invite them over to chill and “watch a movie”. If you both have the same idea you can just come out with it and be as bold as you choose, honestly.

Ok, so now for Tinder. This will be a real test of your swooning skills, as it’s people you don’t know and you don’t know what your match’s objective is when using Tinder.

So you match with someone, as well all have. They’re cute, and you decide they’re definitely in your league and if you play your cards right you’ll have a friend with benefits in no time.

But what do you say? Well, don’t go for a home run on the first pitch; you’ll only look like a perv and rightfully scare them off.

You’ll only know if she’s down from the get­go if she’s actually the one who brings up the friend with benefits conversation. For now, just approach them like a normal person and make simple conversation.

If you want to sleep with them you’re going to have to show that you’re a funny, kind, and smooth conversationalist. Keep it light, and just get to know one another a little.

Make her laugh and you’ve done a lot of the work already. Don’t be crass or perverted with your jokes, just say things that you’d say in public in front of a group of people.

Since you’ve got her to send one of those “that made my day” messages with 5 laughing emojis, you can now move on the being a little flirtatious.

Compliment her on an attribute you really like, but don’t be like “YOUR TITS ARE AMAZING”. “Your eyes are gorgeous”, or “you have an infectious smile” or something of that nature will do just fine.

Now, the conversation is going to hit a dead spot eventually. This is where you pounce, my friend.

A casual “what’re you up to?” will do the trick. If she’s not doing anything, ask if she’d want to hangout.

If you’ve played your cards right so far and she thinks you’re cute enough, she’ll oblige and come over or go wherever you’re meeting up.

Notice that you never once said “you wanna fuck?” or anything like that. Honestly, unless you’re both super horny and desperate deliberately asking someone for sex on Tinder will leave your DM’s dry as a desert.

Some people are down for that, but you can’t really gage that through an app when you’re conversing. If you’re going to sleep together, either she’s going to hit your DM’s first and get right out with it or you’re going to meet up and it just kind of happens.

If you’re really just trying to get laid quickly and part ways without any awkwardness, use Pure or Down. If you find yourself out of luck there, use Tinder but you’ll have to use your intuition to sift out people looking for dates or friends from those looking for a friend with benefits.

If you’re gonna sleep with each other you’ll have chemistry that both of you will notice, and just go from there and ask them out for drinks or just have them come over.

So, there really isn’t a way to get someone to sleep with you online other than just being smooth and make yourself as attractive to them as you can. Push the right buttons, and you’ll get down.